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7 Ways To Use Body Armor Everyday

Body Armor is meant to be a tool to save lives, especially to law enforcement officers who are answering the call of duty every day. Body armor has been a popular topic, and its perception is shifting as time goes by, especially to civilians. It may be a complicated subject for the inexperienced, and its once-considered-rarity has become an essential asset to the public, especially with the rise of crime and violence. If you are to get body armor for everyday use together with the best tactical defense pen, here are some tips for daily use.

Can Civilians Buy Body Armor?

Yes, body armors are legal in all 50 states, and law-abiding civilians can purchase them. As they are safety products, you have the right to protect yourself or your family from danger. Every citizen in the US has the legal right to acquire and wear it for personal or professional use.

Federal Law regulates body Armors, so it is common for the law enforcers to sport one, but you also have the option to get one for security reasons. Each state has regulations, and it is your responsibility to check them. Also, convicted felons are not eligible to own body armor.

Why is Body Armor Important?

Reliable and compact body armor might restrict your movements, but they could also potentially save your life when things go south.

Body armor from Caliber Armor is designed to be lightweight and have the ideal balance of comfort and protection. It’s comfortable without compromising security. Models like the Caliber X Ultra-Light Weight Soft Armor and the Caliber X Covert Body Armor Vest can easily fit underneath your clothing and look inconspicuous while providing you with the highest level of ballistic protection against hand gun threats. It’s not unusual that body armor is growing popular in various fields.

Tips in Using a Body Armor Daily

  • Keep your armor dry.  

Body armor tends to lose its ballistic performance as the water acts as a lubricant. If this happens, the armor is much more susceptible to penetration. Thus, unless your body armor has some water-resistant materials, keeping it dry is a must.

  • Insert panels the right way.

Ballistic panels are designed, so the strike side faces outward when you insert it into the carrier. It’s specially built to slow down or stop the bullet while scattering the force, thereby lessening the trauma or impact when shot. Never flip it back to front. This may lead to a worst-case scenario if, in any case, things go wrong.

  • Keep it from sagging.

Sagging panels might make you feel uncomfortable, and worse is, they lose their ability to protect you. To avoid such a scenario, you have to switch out your carriers regularly. By periodically switching out your panels, you will be able to minimize the wear and tear of the fabric and the Velcro and keeping your panels from sagging.

  • Keep your body fit while wearing one.

Body armor does not stretch out to fit you if you gain or lose weight. It is designed to protect you, so it needs to fit perfectly. If you gained or lost weight after, you need a larger or small panel or plate.

  • Do not wear it too tightly.

You shouldn’t wear your body armor too tightly. There should be some space between the panels and your torso. As you fit your vest, inhale deeply and try to hold your breath to get the perfect fit. This will give enough space to lessen physical trauma or damage in case of a bullet strike. This will also give you the comfort and freedom to move around and do your activities. Body armors work the best when it has ample room to move around.

  • Wear a shirt under your vest.

Body armors or your bulletproof vests are made to protect you, but they are not fundamentally the most comfortable. It’s best to wear moisture-wicking shirts or undergarments to minimize odors and to prevent chafing.

  • Do not use duct tapes as strap replacements.

Using duct tapes as strap replacements is never a good idea for some reasons. Duct tapes will tape down your vest so it won’t move with your body correctly. This might lead to coverage problems in case of a ballistic situation. Plus, it does not give any ballistic protection at all.


Protective gear, like body armor is meant to protect and save lives. Thus, it is not something that you can easily trust to just any maker.  Body armor manufacturers should offer a wide range of designs with more ergonomic options and a higher protection level. Keeping yourself and your family safe is more essential than anything, and Caliber Armor is a great place to check out excellent options.


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