Three things to do if you encounter an active shooter

Three things to do if you encounter an active shooter.


Protect Yourself from Active Shooters Part 2

We wrote previously about five things that can help you protect yourself from school shootings. This is the situation that none of us want to think about at school, but what if it does? What should you do if you encounter an active shooter or a mass shooting scenario?

1. Run

The top priority is to get away from the shooter or shooters. If you have an armor panel in your backpack grab that put it on your back and run. If not, leave your things behind and evacuate. Warn others nearby when you get away. When you are safe, call 911. Do your best to describe the shooter, their location and weapons that they were using.

2. Hide

Find a place to hide if you cannot get away safely. Stay very quiet and get out of the shooter’s view. If your backpack has armor, keep it close, crouch behind it and use it to shield your vital organs. Make sure your electronic devices are on silent and that they won’t vibrate. Turn off all the lights, lock and block the doors with heavy furniture and close blinds. Hide separately along walls to make it more difficult for the shooter. Avoid hiding in groups. Silently communicate with the police through text messages or by putting a sign in a window. Wait until law enforcement gives notice that all immediate danger is removed before exiting your hiding place.
3. Fight
Defending yourself is the last resort when you are in immediate danger. Act aggressively and commit to your actions to stop the shooter. Look for makeshift weapons like chairs, fire extinguishers, scissors and books to ambush the shooter with to distract or disarm the shooter.

Although mass shootings and gun violence have become a more frequent occurrence. It is within your right to protect yourself the best that you can and prepare for unforeseen threats. Caliber Armor is committed to helping people protect themselves.  We work and consult directly with security and local law enforcement whenever we can.  If you are interested in personal protection, please check out our lightweight, Soft Body Armor products that are rated for many calibers of handguns and sharp objects. If you encounter an active shooter, our signature, CaliberX Soft Body Armor Panel is perfect to insert as Backpack Body Armor. We also offer rifle rated Hard Body Armor that can be worn over clothing.  If you have any questions or would like help choosing the best Body Armor for you, please give us a call.

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