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Keep Yourself Safe From Gun Violence

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Keep Yourself Safe From Gun Violence

Gun violence is not typically the thing you want to think about, but it’s most likely the thing that is keeping you up at night. How do you keep yourself safe from gun violence, and your loved ones wherever you go? Hardly a week goes by without hearing about another mass shooting in our community. It happens at workplaces, in the grocery store, in schools and in our places of worship. Our politicians talk of banning certain assault rifles or types of ammunition, but how does that help us? Criminals are going to get guns and it’s the criminal, not the weapon that makes the choice to do bad things. How can we protect ourselves and still go about our daily lives?  

Caliber Armor Soft Body Armor Insert Protects You Wherever You Go

This is why we, at Caliber Armor, are focused on creating a life saving product that gives you peace of mind wherever you are. CaliberX™ soft body armor panels come in 8×10, 10×12 and 11×14 options. These panels can easily be placed inside of a backpack, handbag, briefcase or worn in a low visibility carrier vest. Purchasing a body armor panel instead of a specific bulletproof backpack that has armor sewn into it allows you to protect yourself from gun violence wherever you go. You may have a backpack for school and another bag for weekend events, the gym or traveling. Simply insert the soft body armor panel into whatever bag you choose. You also have the option to purchase a carrier that you can wear under a shirt or jacket. The CaliberX™ armor panels are extremely thin and lightweight. They can be concealed easily as they are less than a quarter inch thick and less than 1lb. The last thing you want in a heavy backpack is something else to weigh you down.  

 CaliberX™ soft body armor panels can protect you from the most common gun violence threats that you will face out there. They are rated to stop handgun ammunition as powerful as a .44 Magnum. Our body armor also passes the new NIJ ballistic test for HG2.  

Can Body Armor Protect You from Rifle Shooters?

You might be thinking, what about rifle threats? Attention is often focused on high profile school and shopping center mass shootings where semi-automatic rifles have been used. Can body armor protect you from these sorts of rifles? Yes, it can, and we have options for that. However, hard body armor protection is often heavy or bulky and not very sustainable to have on your person all the time as a civilian. The truth is that handguns are the most common weapon type used in gun related murders and mass shootings. Statistics show that in 64% of all gun murders, handguns were used vs. 4% of the time when assault rifles were used. Handguns are more accessible, easily hidden and they can be almost anywhere. You can conceal handguns and they cannot be detected, making them the weapon of choice for criminals. The most confiscated guns are handguns and the ammunition is readily available with very little restriction. If you want to protect yourself, this is the threat you are the most likely to face.

Caliber Armor’s Mission to Protect You From Gun Violence

At Caliber Armor, our biggest mission is to help people. We are here to provide the very best body armor products on the market to help keep you and your family safe from gun violence. Contact us today so we can assist you in selecting the best product for your needs.