Caliber Armor Ultra Series Rifle 2 (III++) Shield

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Caliber Armor Ultra Series RF2 Shield Technical Spec Sheet

Caliber Armor-Ultra Series Shield includes a pre-mounted pivoting handle that can be worn right, left and center with a simple adjustment. Padded armrest and quick release arm strap come standard. Custom grip padding for handle and department ID can be added on request.

Designed and tested to a higher caliber. Upgraded hardware ensures the ballistic performance of the shield is consistent throughout the surface. We don’t just say it, we test it! Ultra Shield AND HARDWARE passed and exceeded not only the upcoming RF2 threats, but also DEA and Special Threats like the M855 A1 and LPS projectiles. We think you still want .308 coverage so we test our shields against the testing to give you a true Level III++ / RF2 protection level. An extra pound gives you an extensive amount of extra protection.

We invite you to check the competition. Do they test simply a panel of their ballistic material? Or do they take the time, spend the money and test the entire shield with bolts and hardware attached? That’s the difference with Caliber Armor, we take the extra steps. Your life depends on it!


Caliber Armor Shield – Ultra Series design made with ultra-hard alloy. Multi-shot rated. Finished with a polyurea protective coating. Made in the U.S.A


All testing was conducted on an indoor range at ambient conditions, in accordance with our instructions and the modified provisions of:

NIJ-STD-0101.07, RF2. Testing was conducted using caliber 7.62 X 39mm Surrogate, 123 grain, 5.56mm, M855 BT, 62 grain, 7.62 X 51mm, M80 Ball, 149 grain, and 5.56mm, M193, 56 grain ammunition. DEA and Special Threat 5.56x45mm M855A1 and 7.62x54R. The sample was tested in accordance with NIJ-STD-0101.07 RF2, DEA and Special Threats  in an indoor range with the muzzle of the test barrel mounted 50 feet from the target and positioned to produce 0-degree obliquity impacts. Four infrared velocity light screens, in conjunction with time-based frequency counters, were placed such that projectile velocity was measured 8.25 feet from the target.

Tested and verified to meet ballistic resistance as specified under NIJ Standard- 0101.07 RF2 plus special threat tested. This testing includes the same ballistic testing as the 0101.06 Level III testing. The RF2 testing is new for 2024.

SMALL (11X18): 12.75lbs (5.78kg)

MEDIUM (15X25): 20.5lbs (9.29kg)


Model ULTRA SERIES  is subject to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). It may not be sold or otherwise provided to any non-U.S. Person and/or exported or re-exported without a valid U.S. Department of Commerce BIS Export License, or applicable EAR license Exception.


Caliber Armor operates a documented quality management system to ensure all standards and internal controls are met.  Raw materials are tested prior to production and finished products are tested in accredited ballistic laboratories.

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Large (15×25), Small (11×18)

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